The Restaurant

La Masia de Chencho combines the clasicism and the originality with some touch of sophistication in its decoration. In the entrance of the restaurant you will see some of the majestic antiques that dress many of their corners. The painting and the decorative jewells will not pass unnoticed for the art lovers.

The central body of the restaurant is located in the downstairs of the house. Although there are mainly tables for four people, you can also have tables for six or eight, all of them dressed in a discreet an elegant manner.

One of the greatest enchantments of La Masia de Chencho is that, in spite of its dimensions, it is an intimate and cosy place. This is due to the private spaces, where it is possible to enjoy privacy. «The Cave Lovers» o «Fernando III» lounges are ideal for family events and private celebrations.

The upstairs also has several private lounges and some of them keep the original kitchen and bathroom. These pieces reflect the antiquity of the house. From here, you can contemplate the Elche countryside beauty, bathed by palm trees and fruit trees.